If you want authentic NY-style pizza in Greenville, you gotta go to Jon’s Pizza in Mauldin.

by Jami Mullikin on June 9, 2012

Look out, Greenville may have a new Pizza Sheriff in town. And his name is Jon.

So, I love it when I hear about a new place that I had no idea about and how I missed Jon’s Pizza on Butler Road in Mauldin for 9 months has me puzzled, but I can tell you I will be back soon and often. It is swim team season in Greenville, SC, right now and our team always goes out for pizza after an away meet.  This week we were in Simpsonville (my old stomping grounds), and I was asked to find us a place that would be willing to hold 50-60 people and stay open til 11.  First thought: Two Guys! On second thought, not such a good idea. Melina, the Pizza Nazi who cracks me up, may not be to hospitable to a large crazy crew that late at night.

I recently heard of Jon’s Pizza so I gave him a call to see if you could accomodate our motley crew. On the phone I could tell he was straight from NYC and more than willing to handle us. I explained that we had high expectations and he confidently stated that there was no doubt he could handle us and that it was absolutely true that he had the best pizza in town.

We arrived about 9:45 to realize that we would be cramming about 60 people into a space designed for 30. I could see the concern on everyone’s face as we quickly had a line backing all of the way out the door and behing the counter stood John, one dough thrower, and one cashier. Sixty on three, this didn’t look good.

To Jon’s credit, they got the pies flying as quick as they could and I sat around chatting and waiting with great anticipation. I went the standard pepperoni as always on a first taste. I was #71.

I waited. “68!”. “69!” “71!”. My time had come.

For some reason I knew it would be good. And I was right.

Jon has a slice that is 100% NY-style yet different from Two Guys, Tony’s and Tito’s in town. At first bite I noticed that his crust is thin and floppy but it has a crisp snap in it. No fancy herbs or spices, but the sauce has great flavor and is thin and hot. The cheese is a nice complement to the sauce and does not over power the total flavor. He peppers the pie with pepperonis and the end results is a hot, fresh, and delicious slice of pizza.

In addition to great flavor, Jon’s hospitality kept the orders coming and he ran non-stop for the 90 minutes the entire time I was there. He was determined to get us all served and exceed our expectations and he did just that.

I guess Jon’s Pizza is the reason I have this blog:  to find those great local pizzerias and tell the world about them. If you think you have had the best pizza in town, you can no longer make that call until you give Jon’s a try.  He is definitely a new contendor and I hope everyone gives him a shot and keeps him around for awhile.

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